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Bible Trivia :


10:15 Sunday school for all. 

11:00 morning worship service.

1:30 Afternoon service.

Wednesday evening at 7:00 Bible study and prayer.

1. By the rivers of Babylon,there we sat down, yea, we wept,--------------------

2. Where do we find this verse? If I take the wings of the morning, and 

dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea.

3. How often did the psalmist say he would bless thee; and I will praise thy

name for ever and ever?

4. Praise ye the LORD. Praise the LORD,---------------------.

5. Who does the LORD take pleasure in?

under 14 

Which book in the bible has the most chapters?

answers to May 28.  1. Temp the LORD. Is. ch. 7 v. 12.

2. The LORD of hosts. Is. ch. 8.v. 13.

3. Is. ch. 11 v. 6.

4. Isaiah.  Is. ch. 13 v. 1

5. In all the earth. Is. ch. 12 v. 5.

under 14

 LazarusJohn ch. 11.. v. 43-44. 

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