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Bible Trivia :


10:15 Sunday school for all. 

11:00 morning worship service.

1:30 Afternoon service.

Wednesday evening at 7:00 Bible study and prayer.

1.And bring hither the fatted, and kill it; -------------------------------------?

2. When Jesus by Jericho, a blind man begged for him to heal him, what was Jesus' answer to him, when he asked to receive his sight?

3 Who did Jesus give for an answer?." Neither tell I you by what authority I do these things".

4. What was the question that the Sadducees asked Jesus about the resurrection to test him? 

5. What was another name for the feast of unleavened bread?

under 14.  1. In the beginning of Luke, it tells us who the father of John the baptist was, who was he?

Trivia answers for May 22,2022.

1. He had fast closed all the wombs of his house.Gen. ch.20 v. 18

2. Forty  years old. Gen. ch. 26 v. 34.

3. From a kid of the goats. Gen. ch. 37 v. 31-32.

4. Spies. Gen. ch. 42.v. 9.

5. Beer-sheba. Gen. ch. 46.v. 5.

Under 14.  1. Reuben. Gen. ch. 29 v. 32