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Bible Trivia :


10:15 Sunday school for all. 

11:00 morning worship service.

1:30 Afternoon service.

Wednesday evening at 7:00 Bible study and prayer.

  • 1. What was the first thing that happened when the seventh seal was opened?

  • 2. Which book ends with " Little children, keep yourself from idols. Amen"?

  • 3. What did James say about a man that bridleth not his tongue?

  • 4. In Paul's letter to Timothy, he said two with-stood Moses, can you name them?

  • 5. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh ____________________? Hint Thessalonians.

  • Under 14.

  • 1. How many men did Gideon use when he attacked the Midianites?